About Dena

Dena Crosby has been a pillar of the counseling community, providing exceptional services to individuals and couples who have struggled with the various challenges that life has presented them. Her success is measured by the success of her clients, which in turn further fuels her passion to help others find their true calling in life. Dena is a firm believer that anything is possible, and that we are all graced with our time on earth to do what God created us to do. Some may already know what those gifts may be, many more of us struggle to take that leap. Regardless of whether you have already taken that leap, are in mid-air, or aren’t quite sure which way to go, Dena Crosby is the Life Coach who can help you get where you want to be and to help you find your passion.

Life Coaching has always been an integral part of Dena’s approach to counseling. She had noted in recent years that so many of her clients have emerged successfully from her counseling practice and benefit from ongoing Life Coaching, that she has launched a dedicated Life Coaching component to her already well-established practice. Life Coaching in itself is profoundly different from counseling, mentoring, consulting, advice or therapy. Dena’s coaching process addresses specific personal projects, transitions in personal life and professional relationships and business successes by investigating what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be. Many find themselves in that common place of seeing what it is they want to accomplish, but are unable to bridge the gap that stands between where they are, and where they want to be, whether that is in their personal or professional life. Dena coaches the gap and helps her clients through the process of helping them reach the high place that God wants them to be.

It is no coincidence that the Path of Life, Psalm 25, 4-5 is prominently displayed in Dena’s office;

Make me to know your ways, O LORD ; teach me your paths. Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long.

Whether you are seeking to change your life, enhance the life you are living, or perhaps exploring further personal and professional accountability, Dena Crosby is the Life Coach to help you find your passion, realize your dreams and experience a breakthrough to better life.

ExperienceFurther TrainingAdditional ExperienceGroup Work

  • Speaker, writer, National and State Licensed Professional Psychotherapist, Life Coach.
  • Received a Bachelor of Science Degree in 2001 from Grace University, Omaha NE in Bible and in Human Development.
  • Received a Master of Science Degree In community Counseling at University of NE Omaha in 2004.
  • Nationally Board Certified Licensed as Mental Health Professional and Professional Counselor in 2004.
  • Licensed Independent Mental Health Provider in NE in 2010.

  • Life Coaching through American Association of Christian Counseling.
  • Couples Institute, Ellyn Bader PhD California.
  • PCCI Professional Christina Coaching Institute 2011 to current.

  • 10 years professional counseling in Private Practice.

  • Business Partner, EAP case manager, Board of Christian Business Women’s Association, Desert Ministries Family Link
  • Speaker, Writer
  • Developing your Greatest Person; Overcoming Depression and Anxiety; Overcomers in Christ