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Along Your Path To Breakthrough


How Do I Achieve A Breakthrough?

“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” I remember the day I fell to my knees in my home, leaned against the sofa and sobbed my eyes out to the Lord. I wanted change; I needed change in […]


It’s Never Too Late

Dena Crosby As Iron Sharpens Iron Christian Life Coach

Iron Sharpens Iron in Difficult Relationships

“As Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Have you ever run into that person whom you wonder what??????  Really God?  Them again? You know the one I mean; the one that challenges seems to make you think harder than you have for months, the one who has more energy than a three year […]

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Getting Where You Want To Be

Initial Consultation The first thing to do is set up a consultation call. We need to communicate so that any and all of your questions can be answered thoroughly, you can get to know me and my style and see if you would feel comfortable working with me and I with you. The right ‘fit’ […]

Dena Crosby Life Coach ABCS of Breakthrough

The ABC’s of Breakthrough

Breakthrough Is Possible It was the last semester of Graduate school. It was late, it was cold, and I was tired. I had put in a full day as case manager at a local Employee Assistance Program, drove to my youngest sons soccer game where he played goalie on the High School team, ate dinner […]

Dena Crosby Christian Life Coach

Life Coaching in Biblical Principles and Practices

Life Coaching Is Anything but New! Acts 8:27-31  “And he rose and went. And there was an Ethiopian, a eunuch, a court official of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians, who was in charge of all her treasure. He had come to Jerusalem to worship and was returning, seated in his chariot, and he was reading […]