Iron Sharpens Iron in Difficult Relationships

“As Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”

Have you ever run into that person whom you wonder what??????  Really God?  Them again? You know the one I mean; the one that challenges seems to make you think harder than you have for months, the one who has more energy than a three year old after a sugar-filled birthday party. You are kind to them, respectful…acting with the true heart of a Christian. Yet you continually ask the Lord “What is the point of this relationship? What is my purpose in it? If I was honest Lord I Strategically arrive late to the kids sporting events to avoid conversation with them. ”They wear me out Lord and I already have so much on my plate.”

It’s an awful feeling isn’t it? You know; that one that leaves a pit in your stomach, a ruminating feeling of guilt throughout the entire game and/or the agonizing frustration after finding yourself in the conversation you tried to avoid. God expects so much more of us doesn’t He. Is it possible He has  a plan for us in these things?

Indeed, God has given each of us a purpose and a plan for our lives. Whether you are the one people avoid or the one doing the avoiding. If we can all simply but profoundly remember that is it for each of us to glorify the Almighty and to edify those people He places along our life’s journey. EVERYONE!

The heart of Christian Coaching is to strive to do this with excellence in everything we say and everything we do. You and I both have a God-given temperament, a personality developed through our life experiences, gifts, talents and the Holy Spirit to make the most of the life God has given to you.

As C.S. Lewis said,

“Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My God, do you learn.”

Learn from the bible verse, “As iron sharpens, Iron.”

In those relationships you find difficult; ‘iron is sharpening iron.” There is much to be learned; much to Honor and edify. This is not always an easy journey is it? Through “powerful questioning”, assessments and excellent listening skills, a coach will help you, the coachee, to process and understand how God has formed you and further, to determine how to demonstrate your beautiful self in the dailies of life, the joyous, and these sharpening, difficult experiences!

I challenge you to use difficult relationships as an opportunity to grow. Look to the verse, “As iron sharpens, iron.” for strength.

I welcome your comments below!

Make it a great weekend. ~ Dena



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